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Our Window Film Services

There are many different types of film on the market today: solar control film, privacy or frosted film, safe and security film. Window Film Solutions specializes in installing films in residential and commercial windows and glass panels in Toronto and GTA.

Window Film Solutions specializing in tinting windows, doors and office glass partitions.  Window film endows the glass with many properties and allows to perform a number of functions: protecting from UV light, from overheating the room in the summer, protecting from heat loss in winter. In addition, tinting provides an anti-glare effect and  one-sided visibility effect. The advantages of window tinting are many, and all of them are designed to make our life more comfortable and convenient.

frosted film

Frosted Film

The frosted film significantly reduces the amount of sunlight and UV light entering the room, protecting the room from heating, and the interior from burning out at the same time has a degree of light transmission for sufficient illumination of the room inside. Promotes an increase in durability of glass, resistance to damages.


Privacy Film

In the office environment, privacy film reduces trauma from “walking through the glass”.  When properly installed, it has a long service life, without needing special care. Perfect as additional decor in the interior design, installation of partitions, and zoning of the room.


Solar Control Film

Solar control films can reflect up to 60% of heat and at the same time are almost completely transparent, which does not hurt you to enjoy the view from the window in any weather. At the same time, you can significantly save on the conditioning of the premises in the summer and on the heating in the winter, whether it is an apartment, a private house with a winter garden, or an office in the business center.


Safety & Security Film

Safety and security film makes glass on windows stronger, protects it from impacts, scratches, damages, mechanical impact.  The armored shock-resistant glass film can be applied on any flat surfaces: plastic windows, partitions, glass doors. It provides protection for glass and people in the room, and is many times cheaper than shock-resistant windows.