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Window tinting with a film in Greater Toronto Area is one of the main ways to protect a room from bright sunlight and exposure to ultraviolet radiation, mechanical damage to glass and heating an apartment in a hot period. The presented products can be used for both ordinary and plastic windows.

Window Tinting Features

Installation of window film should be performed by professionals who have experience in this type of work. Our company employs qualified staff with all the necessary knowledge and skills.

We offer professional and inexpensive to paste over your windows. Depending on your goals, you can use one of the types of pasting (tinting) for glasses:

Solar control film will allow you to keep warm in your apartment during the cold months. In the warm season, it will protect the house or office from heating.

Window matte film will be a true decoration of your apartment and protect from prying eyes. You can buy similar products from us at an affordable price. In addition, additional services are available to you: delivery, installation, toning, consultation, etc.

How much window tinting costs?

Prices for glass tinting with protective films vary from project to project. Cost depends on the type of the chosen film type and its quantity. All prices are affordable and reasonable. Simply submit one of the quote request forms located throughout the site.

The final cost of the project and all additional services (installation, toning, delivery, etc.) will be calculated by our project managers on a per-project basis.

Quality at a reasonable price is the key to excellent results

All products offered by our company are of high quality, created according to technology, which ensures the durability and reliability of the product. We work with proven suppliers: 3M, SunGard, Madico, Hanita Tek, Courage.

Other advantages:

  • Attractive discounts and promotions;
  • Product quality guarantee, confirmed by certificates;
  • Favorable price per square foot (ft2);
  • Free consultation;
  • Photos of works carried out by our qualified specialists;
  • Warranty on films from 1 year;