Why Choose Frosted Glass Film:

  • Window frosting is more affordable than sandblasting
  • It comes in a variety of colors and finishes
  • It lasts up to 10 years
  • It reduces visual distractions while still allowing enough light
  • You don’t have to change the entire glass panel, door to have a frosted look

Window frosting is a technique that uses self-adhesive vinyl. Once applied on windows, glass panels, doors or mirrors, privacy or frosted film offers the appearance of frosted/etched glass.

Much like glass sandblasting, window Frosted Film is ideal for any space – kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, as well as commercial spaces like shopping malls, restaurants, office spaces, and others.

Toronto Window Frosted Film Installers



toronto frosted film

Frosted film is a great use for decorating stores, dental offices, medical clinics. Toronto businesses love frosted film for its affordability and ease of use. Standard, street-level windows can be decorated with frosted films in just a few hours.

Glass Partitions


Another type of application for the frosted film is privacy walls. The cost of office rent in Toronto, Ontario is very high. Renting the space you need sometimes out of the question so you move into a smaller office. Glass partitions divide the open area into smaller compartments and applied frosted film tones down distractions of the surrounding.

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Whether you just leased new office space or have been occupying one for a long time and wish to change its appearance without breaking a bank, colored frosted glass film is one of the best media to bring your design to life. You can add your brand colors to walls and glass easily. We can apply your company logo or other marketing materials with the help of a vinyl cutting plotter.