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Toronto Privacy Film Installers

Privacy Film is a self-adhesive vinyl film for office and home applications.

Ideal Glass Creations Corp. offers a wide range of matte films. Our professional installers will install privacy film on smooth glass or windows in your office, home, medical center or commercial store.

toronto privacy film installers

Privacy film has etched or sandblasted effect. It is a great alternative to sandblasting because it can be applied on-site, directly on glass partition or window.  Glass matting provides privacy in the office, at the same time, allowing natural light to pass through without obscuring the room.

Today Privacy film is taking a worthy place in interior designer’s toolbox due to its appearance and costs. Affordability is the second reason responsible for privacy film popularity. Regardless of whether you are the owner of a modest one-room apartment or a respectable class A office in the center of Toronto, you can afford to tint glass surfaces with opaque films.

In the modern world in the field of architecture and design, there are many solutions and techniques that allow us to make our homes and offices original, beautiful, cozy, stylish and businesslike. One of the decorative elements of office partitions is a privacy film (white matte, frosted sparkle). One of the popular solutions in the process of interior design is the division of a large room into various functional areas, using glass surfaces covered with decorative matte films. For example, a large office space can be divided into the head office, workrooms, meeting rooms, reception, kitchen, technical rooms.

Decorative matte films play an important role in creating comfort, the necessary style and eliminating glare.

White frosted film is a type of coating that is specifically used to change the design and transparency of a glazed coating. The use of matte films to the greatest extent changes the color gamut of both the reflected glass and the light radiation transmitted through the glass. With this coating, you can change the color of the glass in the doors and windows. The effect achieved with such changes is often used to create an unusual look of familiar office space.

The advantages of the frosted film:

  • Installation of glass films of various textures and colors provides an additional opportunity to create a unique design of the room;
  • Glass tinting will ensure privacy in the office, office or apartment;
  • You can create original stained glass windows from a decorative and tinted architectural film that will save money and bring a highlight to the interior, allows you to improve the exterior of the building.

By combining options for this effect, you can embody stunning design projects. In addition, microrelief may be applied to the film. Light passing through the glass is refracted in a special way and creates engraving effects or unusual embossed drawings (3D) on the glass.

Want to save time and money with privacy film? Give us a call and get your FREE, no-obligation quote.

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