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safety and security film

Burglary & Vandalism

Did you know that majority of residential break-ins take place through the backyard doors? Burglars choose this strategy as the easiest way in. The ordinary household has pretty good security measures at the front entrance but overlooks the back entrance, aka “kitchen door”. Usually, those sliding doors are the weakest point in security. They are extremely easy to penetrate with just a screwdriver. Without replacing the doors, installing safety and security film is probably the most cost-effective way to improve the safety of your house. Instead of easily entering your house burglars will have to “work” to get in. The safety film creates a thick layer of armor on top of the window glass preventing the burglars from smashing it. It will take them up to 20-30 seconds to create an opening big enough to enter. And often these extra 30-30 seconds are the time needed for them to change their mind and turn back.

Vandals and burglars often see glass windows and doors as one of the most accessible entry point to a house. By adding security films, the damage done to your precious windows and glass doors is reduced significantly.

Household Accidents

There is nothing more important to you than your family. Despite you doing your best to protect them, there may be some hidden dangers in your home that lures unnoticed – glass is one of them. A simple fall or innocent playing may result in a severe injury as a result of a deep cut from broken sharp glass. 

Safety Window Film is known to prevent glass-related injuries significantly. The tinted or clear thin-layered film helps the shattered glass to be kept into its frame and not fall apart, therefore, significantly reducing the chances of deep cuts. 

Safety Window films also block off up to 78% of harmful UV radiation from the sun that causes premature aging and fading of the furniture, floor, and fabrics. UV rays are also known to cause premature aging and skin cancers. Glass-Gard films ensure a safer environment for you and your family to live in. 

“Statistically broken glass is known to have caused thousands of glass-related injuries annually – don’t let your family add to this number.” 

Extreme Weather

No matter where you are living or how secure your location is, nothing can stop mother nature from creating havoc. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes or thunderstorms can create devastating damage. 

Under such extreme weather, Safety & Security film can protect you and your family as well as your property against dangerous glass pieces. The security film holds the broken glass intact and in-frame which keeps you safe and secure flying off glass pieces. 

You cannot control mother nature, but you sure can lower the havoc and damage created by it. 

By using state-of-the-art technology, many Glass-Gard films meet the high standards and specifications set by the Dade County Small Missile Test, ANSI (American National Standards Institute), CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and several other safety test standard bodies recognized all over the world. 

The clean-up is easier with Safety Window Film

After the storm passes, you’ll have a lot to do. Cleaning up and worrying about scattered broken glass shouldn’t be one of them. Safety & Security film can help keep broken glass together in the frame until you can have it repaired.

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