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Reduce your cooling and heating costs while enjoying the comfort of your home.

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Solar (UV) Film Benefits


  • Save up to 30% off HVAC energy costs
  • Cut heat build-up and glare by 80%
  • Reduce hot spots
  • Protect people from UV radiation
  • Protect furniture from premature aging
  • Shard protection from broken glass
  • Show 2-year payback

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Simple economics of solar film

The use of conventional glass windows results in excessive heat gain during the summer, and heat loss during wintertime. This means that you will be paying more for your heating and cooling.

As opposed to traditional window coverings such as draperies and blinds, solar window film blocks heat before it enters the room. The solar film’s insulative properties make sure that the heat loss through glass is minimized. By controlling these elements, there is a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Shedding light on comfort

Nothing can be more comforting than enjoying the warmth of the sun inside your home on a sunny day. We all love sunlight. However, we do not appreciate the heat that comes with it. Solar control window films bring you the aesthetic pleasure of the sunshine in your home without the discomfort of the uncontrollable heating effect. With up to 78% of the sun’s heat reflected by the solar window film, you can now better control the inside temperature of your house.

Heat blocking window film

You enjoy your home’s distinguished look, why not add more curb appeal to it by installing the solar film. Films come in a variety of finishes from a light tint to an almost mirror-like effect.

Take the bite out of the sun’s harmful rays

All the efforts and time took to decorate your home interiors can be spoiled by potentially harmful UV rays, extreme sunlight, and heat which can result in permanent damage to your furniture, fabrics, and floors. Solar window films significantly reduce this damaging effect by blocking off UV radiations and lowering the excessive light and heat entering your house. Therefore, window films significantly prolong and protect the life of your belongings.

Feel safe and secure

Any homeowner with glass-style architecture is often worried about glass-related accidents that may injure themselves or others around them. Window films hold up any shattered pieces of glass to its film’s adhesive system. Many non-profit consumer safety organizations use window film products such as Sun-Gard window films as a useful measure to protect against glass-related injuries.

Professionally installed

Window films are composed of thin layers of metalized and dyed, optically clear polyester laminated with special adhesives and protected by the durable, scratch-resistant coating. The film is generally installed to the inside of the windows and doors, offering immediate protection from the harmful and uncomfortable effects of the sun.

For increased protection from natural disasters and criminal activities, learn more about Safety and Security Window Films.

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