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Window Film Solutions offers high-quality films in the Greater Toronto Area.

We not only install films from world-leading manufacturers, and we also offer 5 years warranty on materials and labor.

All products are manufactured using innovative technologies, have distinctive characteristics and comply with  ISO 9002 and IWFA standards. Window films that you can get from us:

  • Reflect 99% of UV light;
  • Control light transmission – range 5-80%;
  • Protect from hot sunlight – UV reflection up to 56%;
  • Maximum heat loss is reduced – up to 0.39;
  • If glass breaks ensure safety from shuttered glass cuts – protection classes A1-3, SB2;

Window film is a great choice for your home, office or store needs!

In the sections of the site, you will find all types of window films with different purposes. Choose your film and get acquainted with its useful properties and characteristics:

Sun control → mirror and athermal;
Decorative → matte and stained glass;
Protective → shockproof, explosion-proof;